This site was created to be a one-stop full of valuable information on clicker training dogs. We only provide the highest quality training equipment in the world and strive to give you the best information on dog training.


We want to let people know that clicker training isn't rocket science. Clicker training is very easy and builds a healthy and positive bond with your dog.

Who Are We?

You might be asking what kind of credentials we have to be making a site like this! This site and its content are provided by Ed Frawley. Ed Frawley is a dog trainer with over 50 years of experience. He began Leerburg first as a kennel, whelping over 300 litters of puppies. Ed Frawley also started making videos at various dog training seminars and dog sporting events. Now, Ed Frawley works with his son, Jeff Frawley, creating instructional dog training DVDs ranging from topics on basic dog obedience and marker training to IPO training.

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