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The Power of Marker Training Your Dog DVD


This instructional DVD will teach you the basics of clicker training your dog with various markers from voice commands to treats.

213 minutes

Product Description

This DVD is produced by Leerburg, the Internet's biggest dog training website. The Power of Marker Training Your Dog will teach you how to use markers and positive reinforcement for training your dog. Marker training can be used in all dog sports and for all training purposes including police bite work. It is great for dogs of all breeds and even works for a variety of animals including horses.

You can start marker training on puppies 8 weeks old or on a rescue dogs at the age of 6. This purely positive training system is 100% non-confrontational. It is a training method that can also work with dominant dogs. It's a great way to build (or fix) your relationship with your dog.

DVD Outline

  1. What is Marker Training

  2. 5 Core Words of Marker Training

  3. How to Start Marker Training
    • Charge the Mark
    • When to Use the Clicker over the Marker YES

  4. Delivery of Reward

  5. Placement of the Reward

  6. How to Offer Food Rewards Safely
    • Low Food Drive Dogs

  7. Vary How You Reward
    • Hand Muggers
    • Food Rewards
    • Ask Your Dog What He Likes
    • Food Rewards vs Toy Rewards

  8. Splitting and Shaping
    • Shaping Raine
    • Back-Chain an Exercise

  9. LURING and Signals
    • Training the LOOK
    • Luring requires an Exit Strategy

  10. When and How Do I Stop Using Food Rewards

  11. Marker Train a Human

  12. Adding Commands
    • When a Dog Does Not Perform a Command
    • Screw Up Cookies - When and How to Use them

  13. Adding Duration with "GOOD"

  14. Handlers need to learn patience

  15. Negative Markers

  16. Adding Corrections

  17. Impulse Control and Distraction

  18. Adult Dogs; Dominant Dogs; Rescue Dogs and Marker Training

  19. Your Voice is a Powerful Tool - Use it

  20. Using Food Rewards to Train Your Dog

  21. Credits

  22. Bloopers

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