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i-Click Clicker


This clicker was designed by the trainers at Karen Pryor Clicker Training. This clicker provides a less harsh "click" for trainers who have dogs much more sensitive to sound. (Scroll down for more information.)

Colors vary. This product is for 1 clicker only.

Product Description

The i-Click Clicker created by trainers at Karen Pryor's Clicker Training Academy. It provides 6 great beneficial clicker training features:

  • Quieter Click: This clicker, unlike other clickers, gives a quieter 'click' suitable for sound-sensitive dogs. If you're transitioning clickers, this one is still great to use for dogs who've learned on a normal clicker.
  • Perfect Timing: The i-Click Clicker was designed to be clickable no matter how you hold it. Whether it is right side up, upside down, or sideways, you should be able to click it on time!
  • Click Anywhere: Dropped your clicker? It's clickable with your foot! Any way you drop the clicker gives you opportunity to click with your foot to mark your dog's action at the right time. You can even click it with gloves!
  • Balanced: The i-Click Clicker requires a small amount of pressure for the 'click' but not such a small amount that you'll click early or by accident. Engineering the proper balance gives dog trainers just the right nuance needed to mark at the right time.
  • Perfect Shape & Size: It's simple to hide in the palm of your hand. You can click it while it's hidden too, making it a discrete way of clicker training your dog without worrying about visual cues.

Colors vary. This product is for 1 clicker only.