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The Old Way of Dog Training Vs. The New Way of Dog Training

August 21, 2013     Ed Frawley

Dog training has evolved over time as humans have come to understand dog behaviors more and more. Fifty years ago, the most popular dog training method was by inflicting physical pressure for wrong behavior. The flaw in this training comes in the relationship between the trainer and the dog. The bond is broken and the dog has no means of obeying his owner. Depending on his temper, the dog may cower away in fear or become aggressive.

Fortunately, today's standard of dog training has leaned more towards the positive side. With clicker and marker training on the rise, owners have learned to reward their dogs for good behavior. We often call this positive reinforcement. However, there are people who rely very strictly on positive training which results in competing motivators.

These competing motivators try to get the dog's attention when it should be focused on something specific. For example, asking a dog to sit while there are children playing nearby. The dog is going to be distracted when you give him a command and won't follow it.

Come back for mmore about motivators and how to fix this common problem in dog training.