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Snap Open Bait Bag


Keep treats close by in this convenient bait bag perfect for clicker training.

*Does not include treats.
*Fits up to a 48-inch waist.

Product Description

The Snap Open Bait Bag is the finest quality dog training pouch you'll find in the market. With a strap that can wrap around your waist, you can carry treats and toys in the snap open bait bag wherever you go. This strap can be easily adjusted.

With the French hinge sewn onto the opening, you can make sure whatever's inside stays inside. And if you need to open it, no need to use two hands. While you're walking your dog, you can open the bait bag with one hand and prepare to reward your dog. Snap it back closed and the contents will be secured.

Clean up the snap open bait bag by simply wiping the inside with a damp paper towel. The nylon inner lining is designed for easy cleaning. The outside cloth is also washable.