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3-Pocket Training Apron

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Holds treats, toys, AND small tugs!

*18-inches x 7-inches long
*Pockets are 6-inches x 6-inches long
*Comes with adjustable 32-inches to 46-inches belt

Product Description

When training your dog, you should use a variety of treats that are of high value and mid-range value for your dog. This is especially useful for different exercises and reinforcing positive behavior for specific actions. The 3-Pocket Training Apron allows you to use a variety of treats for this training concept.

Made out of polyolefin fabric and backed by urethane, the 3-Pocket Training Apron is easy to clean. Seams are double-stitched for better security.

The 3-Pocket Apron comes with a quick side-release buckle belt that is adjustable from 32-inches to 46-inches with a D-ring that you can clip a pull tab or lead to. Pockets can also fit small tubs or ball toys.